We are a full service pawn shop offering commodity cash loans on a variety of items from jewelry, firearms, electronics, tools, lawn equipment and even automobiles and motorcycles. For loans on automobiles and motorcycles please bring in your clear title with your item. This is not a title loan, your car or motorcycle will have to stay at our location in order to complete your transaction. Pawn loans are an easy and hassle free way to borrow money. The amount of money given on a pawn depends on the value of the item or collateral and what you need. A Government issued photo I.D. is required to pawn.

While your item(s) are in pawn at our location, they are safely wrapped up and secured in an area designated for you. We keep all of your accessories such as remotes, cords and cables together. Our location is fully secured and insured for the total loan value of all items in our possession.

Retail Sales

We also have a showroom showcasing items for purchase including jewelry, electronics, tools, lawn equipment, musical instruments, video game systems and games, movies and computers!

We offer VERY competitive pricing. We research and test every item that comes in and we determine the value by looking it's price new, used and it's condition.


Partners Pawn and Jewelry offers a 90 day LAYAWAY program. Just 20% down and make a payment every 30 days! Come and see us for more information!

Purchases and Buys

If you are not looking for a loan and just want to sell your item, we will purchase it from you! We purchase almost anything of value! We will test the item and estimate its value on the used market for you providing cash on the spot!

Cash For Gold

We purchase gold and silver including scrap pieces for CASH on the spot at competitive prices!

Customer Service

We believe in providing fast, friendly and confidential service to our customers! We know you will enjoy your experience with us!

We are licensed and regulated by local and federal authorities. We adhere to all applicable state and pawn laws and work in conjunction daily with the Jacksonville and Clay County Sheriff's Offices.

(904) 683-9453

6361 103rd St., Jacksonville, FL 32210

Partners Pawn


6361 103rd St.

Jacksonville, FL 32210


(904) 683-9453


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